We Provide Flexibility for You!

We Provide Flexibility for You!

Why should you use the Bangor Innovations Center? We have all your needs covered! Flexibility is a priority at our center. We understand that flexibility is so important to any start up, because well… we’ve been there! How do we accommodate  you may ask? Let’s count the ways: 

  1. Flexible Operating Spaces: Your business can grow in one of our six individual offices and eight “flex” units, ranging from several hundred to three thousand square feet. With accommodations for every entrepreneur’s needs.
  2. Flexible Leases Terms: We’ll work with you on rates and time frame that will work for everyone. Nothing is ever set in stone. 
  3. Delivery and Shipping: Our loading dock makes receiving and shipping packages a breeze. Four overhead doors make for easy transport of materials. No need for multiple runs to the post office. 
  4. Electrical Capabilities: Our facility can accommodate any project, big or small. We offer commercial and industrial electrical, so never fret!  
  5. 24/7 Access: We don’t operate like your normal 9-5, because neither do you!
  6. Location, Location, Location: We are based in the region’s commercial hub, providing easy access to materials, services and amenities. 

Flexibility is a key factor for any entrepreneurial venture. We value your time and energy. At our center, we want to work with you to create a long lasting partnership that is destined for success. Want to learn more about us, or how you can get started? Submit an application today!

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